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It occurs to me now, as I finish my current Illustration project and contemplate reprinting my business cards, that I should really make a major overhaul to my nearly dead Portfolio site. Anyone know any good gallery scripts?

Incentives will be updated soon–need to finish some school stuff first, then I’ll post new ones (as I did set the incentives to keep updating until the day after the internet was SUPPOSED to go up *sigh*).



We have internet again!!! So the first thing I did was send out all the wallpapers I owed people. Fanart and link exchanges will be added this weekend. Full update on this whole experience will hopefully be posted on friday. Expect Friday’s comic to update at the normal time before all this wackiness happened.



Ok, so we =should= be getting internet today x.x

Last friday’s page has been colored, and once we get the internets at our place I’ll send over the wallpapers and other things I owe people. Being without the net sucks x.x

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