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Surprise visit from relatives from out of state = not colored comic. Since AT&T guy never showed up to hook up our phone line, we never got internets. So I decided rather than leave the page to update on Monday, to just post the black and white version so at least you guys can continue on with the story. New page will update on Monday(along with the colored version of this page), and chances are it’ll be updated about the same time as this page (roughly 8:30 am CST). Phone guy is =supposed= to come back on Monday, so hopefully by then we’ll have our own internets.


Live from Heather’s Computer!

Updating today on Heather’s mac! ? (I feel so unclean!) Phone line will be installed tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll get the intarwebs up by then too. In any case, it’s looking like Friday’s page’ll be updated like normal unless like, a hurricane hits chicago XD

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