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Jaws of Death

New place!

Ok! So first of all, yay for power returning, allowing me to comic again ^^

Second, we have found ourselves a new apartment! It’s much much closer to the city, cutting my total commute time down from 3+ hours to around 40 minutes, which will hopefully lead to a less stressed out and cranky Jen come school-time. It’s also a really nice space in a cute area, and we’re really excited about it. Planned move-in date is labor day, and because I completed Friday’s page during the power outtage, as long as I can manage to do another page this week then updates should continue as normal while we move stuff around and get the intar-webs all set up (as well as my little harem of Capcom girls). Once new MR studio is set up I’m totally posting pics. Thanks to EVERYONE who supported us during the Great Con Tour, as all of you totally made this possible for us.

Third, my good friend Dirk is getting married next weekend. If you’re a fan of his comic Paradigm Shift, or just a fan of weddings in general, be sure to wish him well ^^

School starts next Tuesday, yeek! I’m excited and sad at the same time. Extremely pleased though that I got a normal schedule–no more night classes, thank you!



So the power has returned! There’s a big discussing of the storm over in the forums, so check it out, relate your own experiences, etc.

Comic will go up on Monday as planned, and incentives will start again in september.



Apparently a tornado touched down near us, so we’ve been going….about a day and half now without power (this is a friend’s computer I’m updating on). Our house is cool and all, but it’s looking like we won’t get power until sunday-ish. So yeah, hopefully I’ll be able to post the comic on Monday. Sorry all ^^;



First of all, the bottom left panel of today’s comic is an homage to Eyeshield 21, my current guilty-pleasure manga. Specifically, Lilly’s pose is in reference to one of my favorite characters, Komusubi. I swear, if they ever made a plushie of him, I’d totally be first in line to get one.

Next, I’m having difficulty getting the internet to work on my new computer. The drivers have been put into place, the ethernet cable is attached, the router is good, and yet…it doesn’t work. I know I’m missing something somewhere, so to all the wonderful people out there give me a step-by-step process as I have no experience at all setting up a LAN connection or whatever (wireless for t3h win!).

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