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Lookit me, I'm invisible!

Da plague

So yeah, getting stuff for school done and catching Anime Iowa’s con plague really put me behind. But I’m making efforts to get things back to normal!

As far as today’s comic goes, I always thought it was kinda cool in Warcraft III (as I haven’t played WoW, so I don’t know if they carried it over), how if your character had an invisible effect on, you could still see their shadow. So I decided to kinda….borrow…that idea for this comic, adding in the footprints because it’s like, a swamp and all.

Oh, and for those who don’t know the MMO lingo (as it’s possible to enjoy MR without playing MMOs ^^ )….

Mobs = Monsters

Aggro = when a monster decides to ignore whatever it was doing and attack your character. It is usually a tank’s (usually the big warrior types with lots of armor) job to hold the aggro, so everyone else in the party can do the stuff their good at without having to worry about getting killed.

New computer was finished yesterday–decided to name it Felcia because it’s pretty and my Felicia figurines are sitting on it =X Currently working on installing……everything. Still no internet access for it yet (as they don’t know where their cables went), so I’m stuck on Brion’s computer for at least today, but that’s ok.

Methinks I’m going to rest some more–This cold won’t quit. *shakes fist at Iowa*

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