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Flame Burst

Late comic

Late comic today–had to take care of a couple things at school yesterday, so ended up starting late on the actual page. Sorry guys! Expect comic by mid-afternoon, shouldn’t take too long as I started on the coloring last night.



So little longer than planned, but that’s ok. Page is up, w00t.

Anime Iowa was really fun–got to hang out with the ever lovely and wonderful Roku-chan and her hubby Rich, though they were running around like crazy doing a whopping 13 panels (I can barely handle doing two x.x ). Though it was my first year doing this convention, it was really cool to find out that there’re MR fans out there in Iowa. So yes, it was really great meeting all of you, and I’m sorry if I was a little abrupt with some of you–it’s been a looooong couple of weeks XD Panel went pretty well, though I think the next time I run it, I’ll have an “advanced” tips and tricks panel to cover the stuff I didn’t get a chance to talk about.

The next convention will be The Reactor, which thankfully won’t be until November. If you were disappointed with last year’s Reactor, give this year’s a chance. The Purple hotel was destroyed(thank f***ing god), and now they’re in the Westin which looks a lot nicer.

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