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Anime Iowa

So we’re back from AI, but we got in a lot later than expected (10 pm x.x), and I am way too wiped to want to stay up to color today’s page. However, it IS completely inked, so I’ll definitely be posting it today–probably around 3 pm CST. Thanks guys, and thanks to all who saw us! ^^


New stuff!

Oh boy, drawing this page made me kinda sad inside. Poor Lilly x.x

In other news….The new wallpaper is"¶.Star Wars! Or maybe √Ę‚¨ŇMystic Wars!√Ę‚¨? or something similarly lame. This weekend marked me finally reading the end of the Star Wars: New Jedi Order book series, so to celebrate I went and watched Episode 4: A New Hope. That got me in the Star Wars fever so I decided to make this month's donation wallpaper a Star Wars theme. So yes, donators of at least $1 will get this lovely wallpaper emailed to them, while those who donate over $10 will get it and a sketch of their favorite character mailed to them. Good times!

As far as the month's incentives go"¶well, I'm thinking I'll post some sketches I've been working on of new characters when I get back from Anime Iowa on Monday/Tuesday. Again, I'll be hosting a photoshop panel at 1:30, so be sure to schwing by and check it out, since the dealer's room doesn't open til 4.

Computer case finally came in the mail, so machine will be built when I get back from Iowa. Yays for new machine! ^^

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