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Ice spears

Oh yeah!

So before I forget, Lilly's √Ę‚¨ŇIce Spear Attack!√Ę‚¨? is in homage to Alcyone from the old school anime Magic Knight Rayearth. In the preceding page, Lilly's crazy dodge is an homage to the crazy Sailor Moon dodges"¶"¶because I'm a girl and I like Sailor Moon x.x

So yeah, Brion pays tribute to Berserk, and I pay tribute to my Magic Knights. Good times. XD

Oh yeah, Anime Iowa is this weekend, so be sure to schwing by the artist's alley and say hi. I'll also be doing a photoshop panel at 1:30 on Friday, so it'll give you guys something to do before the dealer's room opens =)

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