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Why can't I be right?

I’m in an alpha-rant!

So first and foremost, hear me make a ass out of myself in the latest Alpha-rant (we’re near the end). I’ve never been good at coming up with answers on the spot, so you can totally hear my nervousness in the form of giddy-vally girl-ness XD The part about the water bottle involved me tapping Brion on the shoulder, pointing to the water bottle, and then pointing to me. And they also edited out a lot of the other praise we gave the ever wonderful Dirk.

Oh yeah, people I hung out with at da conz:

Xero–The spoiler!
Brian Wilsen–The guy who makes me afraid to have girl parts.
Kilika–The proxy Dave Lister!
Dave Lister–The real Dave Lister!
Jax–Happy OCD boy!
Trish and Damien–W00t for new sites!
Hawk and Ananth–Free hugs!
Red Vs. Blue–Free pins!
Garth–Fellow liberated basmentarian!

There’re probably other people I’m leaving out, to which I say sorry. But check out everything as it’s all good n’ funny, thoroughly entertaining, etc.


Don’t be fooled!

Ok, so if you’ve been chatting with “savagesparrow” on aim for the past week or so, that has NOT been me! My stupid friend dave got ahold of my AIM password, so disregard anything he’s said to you, as I myself haven’t been on AIM since like, June.

Hopefully now he’ll stop, but just in case any of you guys have tried to get into contact with me and been met with….weird responses, that wasn’t me.



So this is the first comic colored on Brion’s computer, with the ancient Photoshop 6. All things considered, methinks it came out pretty good.

Parts for new machine have been ordered, and are on their way. I’m suuuper super excited, and totally can’t wait. While I’ll miss not being able to work on stuff at other people’s houses, I look forward to having a machine that won’t blow up this time next year.

Anime Iowa next week! Don’t forget! =D

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