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Connecticon 2k7!

Connecticon 2k7!

So yes, Connecticon was a rip-roaring good time (photos to follow later).

I spent like, half of the time away from the table mercilessly running around, getting photos for the scavenger hunt, grabbing delightful fanboys to compete in our events. It was really fun competing against Dave Lister, but at the same time he’s such a nice guy I felt bad when we’d win an event against him XD. In any case, overall it was a good time…though perhaps slightly traumatic for poor Brain Wilson. Read his comic about the CTcon auction–it is more humorous than mine x.x

I ended up selling for $65, which I was proud of until mookie sold for like, $400 x.x But it’s all for the comic legal defense fund, so it’s all for t3h win. Free speech rawks!

For those of you going to comic con, I’ll be at booth O1. We’re listed in the program guide as “Mystic Revolution/Flipside", so be sure to schwing by and check us out!

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