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Deja Vu


By the time this posts, I will be making my way from Pittsburgh back home to Chicago, before jetsetting off to San Diego on Wednesday. Friday’s comic failed to update because….well, my laptop’s battery decided it doesn’t want to hold a charge anymore, but luckily my good friends let me borrow their compy so I’ll still be able to update with guest comics whilst away =)

Today’s strip is courtesy of the lovely and talented nick15. His comic is called Moose River. Check it out, it’s really groovy.

See ya’ll in San Diego!


Live from New York!

Connecticon is over, and WE WON THE WEBCOMIC CHALLENGE! So guys that we on my team–gimme an email so I can hook you up with some thank you stuffs =)

Right now we’re hanging out in New York before we go to Otakon. I think we’re in the “B” block area, like B1 or B2. I’ll have books, prints and shirts like usual, though I sold out of the “angry Lourdes” print, as well as a bunch of my pins (guess I didn’t make enough x.x ).

In any case, we had tons of fun at CTcon, and we can’t wait to come back next year!

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