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Soooo, this week I’m going to be super, super busy getting ahead on the MR pages for our bigass trips! As a result, no incentives for the week–depending on how far I get ahead, maybe there’ll be some next week, maybe not. In any case, here’s a list of cons we’re going to, so be sure to swing by!

Connecticon–July 13-15
Otakon–July 20-22
San Diego Comic Con–July 26-29

—slight breather—

Anime Iowa–August 10-12

So yes, I will be away for 3 weeks, and as long as I can stay ahead you guys’ll only have a week and a half of guest strips =) Speaking of which, the Contest will be ending on Wednesday, so get your entries in ASAP and be internet famous (Like this guy!).

I’ll be bringing my laptop with me on the road, so I’ll be able to update with convention goings on…LIVE (or at least live from the hotel after the artist’s alley closes x.x ). I’ll probably be on the big webcomic panel at Connecticon, and at Anime Iowa I’ll be doing a Photoshop panel and a webcomic panel. So good times! =)

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