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The City of Naraka

New stuff!

Ok, so first of all, happy 4th to all, and there’s a new wallpaper for the month! Since it’s summer and all, I decided to have the ladies of MR wearing cute yukata in a sort of festivally scene. People who donate at least $1 will get the wallpaper emailed to them, while those who donate $10 or more get a sketch mailed to them. And now I have a PO Box address, so donations and store items are no longer paypal exclusive! Ha cha! XD

Next, I updated the TWC site with more incentives, wrapping up the super hero story (don’t worry, only 2 more to go), and then there’ll be one-shot comics taken from real life. Good times! So make sure you vote every day to see the new comics–simply click on the little “TWC” button above this post, follow the prompt, and wait for the voter-exclusive comic to appear! Ha cha!

Moving on, I updated the Role Playing section of the Forum with an updated and complete version of the MR Class List. I’m planning to get the race list up there sometime this weekend, but I figured since the classes were the things that were most drastically altered, that they should have precedence. Furthermore, Ninja’s Fan is starting up a New RPG in case anyone wants to get in on it. And Maverick if you’re out there, everyone’s anxious to continue with your game =)

But yes, lots of fun stuff in the Forum. Come by, hang out, discuss, etc. Ha cha!

Finally, the Guest Strip Contest is ending next week, so if you’re going to enter, get moving!

Saw Transformers yesterday because friends didn’t want to see the Die Hard movie… It was…well, very Michael Bay. The robots were AWESOME, but there were way too many people. And as much as I’m in the favor of having hot chicks take up screen time, Hacker Barbie was not necessary, and the guy who played the main character was probably the most aggrivating actor I have ever seen on screen ever. The fight scenes looked like they were filmed by the same epileptic guy who filmed the fights in Resident Evil 2, and the score was kinda like a remixed version of the score from Armageddon. But other than that, it was awesome. I just wish mainly that there had been less people scenes in it (especially all the “hacking” *sigh*), and more robots. And maybe that Bumblebee had played “Bitchin’ Camaro” by the Dead Milkmen when he got his “upgrade". That woulda been so sweet XD

In the end though, I do think it’s a “See it in the theatre” movie, because that’s how big explosion-y movies SHOULD be seen. However, methinks it’s more of a “save moneys and go for the matinee price” than the full ticket awesome. But that’s just me x.x



I am soooo proud of how this page turned out"this is not lazy, focusing artist Jen. I decided since the the Seraph City was based on greek/roman architecture, I'd make the Rook City based more so on late Roman/Byzantine architecture"specifically domes and stuff that make up Hagia Sophia. Since Rooks are basically fallen Seraphs, I figured it'd work well since Hagia Sophia was built during the decay of the Roman Empire. I figured too with both cities having such high pillers and arches, that those with wings could opt to fly through buildings instead of walking like everyone else. See, I do think of these things sometimes. =p

I also find myself in the habit of designing really cute walk-on characters, and then being depressed that because they're walk-ons they won't be seen again. But who knows, maybe Merlinda will return".

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