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The art page is back and with two new pieces by Heather and Roku-chan. I also posted the past couple ebay pieces on there because I realized it was kinda sad that I hadn’t updated the area with art by me x.x So yes, go to the art section and check out all the new additions ^^



Hi there!

Ok, first of all the Auction ends tomorrow, so be sure to check it out before it’s too late. Once again, all proceeds go towards making sure the poor sparrow doesn’t sleep on a park bench during the convention tour.

Next, I have added our PO Box number to the Store and Bio sections of the site for those of you who may want to send me stuff through snail mail. If you going to be sending me fanart through the mail, I won’t be able to send it back, but I’ll scan it and put it on the site. Also, if you’re going to be sending money for either some store item or a donation, then please email me when you send it so I’ll know to watch out for it and you’re item’ll be shipped out faster.

I also had to raise the international shipping a bit because the post office got rid of the cheaper ground shipping. On the plus side though, it’s only slightly more expensive to ship to Canada than to ship domestically, so Canadians are now included in the domestic shipping area.

Last year someone promised me that they’d give me a pie at the San Diego Comic Con. I’m not greedy though–a slice of pie will do, as long as I get some pie at Comic Con. If there is no pie to be had, I will be most upset!
(though I can’t remember who it was who promised it in the first place x.x ).

The date for the Guest Strip contest is fastly approaching, so be sure to get your entries ready to go as soon as you can.

Finally, I’ve been craving a root beer all day, and I’m totally going to 7-11 to get one. Sparrow out.

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