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Comic to be late

Comic to be late today–Aunt flew in from Idaho yesterday and spent the greater portion of the day doing family stuff. All I have to do is color it, so hopefully it’ll be up before 4 pm CST. =)



Ok, so first of all, vote incentives return today. Sorry bout the slip up yesterday ^^

Next, I have a new piece of art up for auction. This one features the entire cast using their powers, so it’s pretty cool. Be sure to check it out, and support the starving sparrow!

Finally, the last of the book orders were shipped out today (the majority having shipped out Wednesday), so most of you domestic people should be getting it by monday/tuesday if you haven’t gotten it already, and the internationals should be getting it in the next couple weeks (depending on how far away your country is).

I have some general site updates to do…but FFXI is calling me. It’s research I tells ya!

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