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Verbal Fornication


The books have arrived!!! See!!!

After many weeks of struggle, they’re finally here!!! I’m hoping to get them shipped out tomorrow or thursday, so for most of you, it should get there in the next couple days! For international people, look for it in the next couple weeks (depending on how far from the US you are), so huzzahs for having a reason to check your mailbox!!! ^^

Next, I bring you something me and my friend Dave do when we’re bored…. Sword vs. Sai fight!

Except Dave had a slight advantage since he knows what he’s doing with a sword, is bigger, stronger, and taller than I am…..but it was only a SLIGHT advantage because I have mad awesome ninja skills! (though we did call it quits when my left thumb got bruised x.x ).

Finally, today’s incentive’s up–I kinda got over-excited with the books arriving that I totally forgot about it. But it’s there now, so vote!

And don’t forget about the Auction!

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