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The nature of Quests



So I am going to be doing 3 conventions in a row come July (CTcon, Otakon, and the SDCC), so I'll be out of my state for 3 good weeks. As a result, I will probably miss 2 weeks of comics (I am reasonably confident I could get a week ahead), which will lead to the happy guest strip extravaganza! Leading the charge in the first week will be Nick15 and Caleb. For the second week, however"I thought it'd be fun to give the power to you guys, the readers!

So out there if you are an aspiring artists, webcomicer, promotion whore, whatever, this is your chance to show off what you're made of! I'll be accepting two winners (unless you guys really wow me in which case I may post extra updates), who will get their comics posted on the site, and whatever website, devART, blog, whatever linked to in the newspost for some extra exposure. Entries are due July 8, so you have roughly a month to sketch something out. Here are the rules:

1. Winners will be judged on entertainment value, not necessarily artistic skill (unless you're really mindbogglingly amazing). So basically, make me laugh and you're in, regardless if your drawings resemble stick figures.

2. The comics MUST take place in the world of Mystic Revolution (dur), and somehow involve the main characters. Comics are not to be gratuitously violent, sexual, etc. Keep it PG-13 people.

3. Comics must be saved in .gif or .jpg format, and be 600 px wide by 900 px high. You're welcome to make your comic smaller, but those are the maximum definitions I'm accepting. Make sure to put your name on the comic, as well as your website (or livejournal, devART, whatever).

General tips:

"Please don't handwrite your text"generally it scans badly and becomes unintelligible. Fonts are your best friend, and many cool ones can be found at blambot.com
"Clean up your art as best you can"even though I'm basing these things on humor, you want to showcase what you can do so people will visit your website.
"Write about something you know. Truly funny things happen from real life experiences.

Send all submissions to savagesparrow@gmail.com by July 8, including your name and whatever website you want plugged. Good luck everyone! ^^

EDIT: Damn end quotes"link fixed!

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