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So the theme for this month’s wallpaper is….Flamenco! Sorry for the late uploading, but coloring all those sexy lacy frills takes a longass time X\ Why did I decide on drawing gothgirl as a flamenco dancer? Well, initially I just wanted to draw Gothgirl in a sexy dress with a rose or something to tie back her hair….and somehow my reference search brought up a flamenco dancer, and there we go! In any case I’m super, super happy about how this image came out, and I totally think it’s one of the best drawings I’ve ever done, simply because I =did= put a heaping pile of detail into it (kinda got carried away I suppose, but I really can’t help myself sometimes… ).

Other news for the month, please continue voting! We’re starting to get out of the 20s and it’s depressing me. I’m updating with comics! Really! I even have a buffer! x.x

Later today I’ll start another auction, probably something related to Gothgirl (because she’s fun to draw and I already have an idea) or Toasty (because he hasn’t been in the comic for a while x.x ).

Finally, I begin my angry rant. Be prepared, it is most angry, which is why I left it for the end so you can skip it if you want to. So here it is, you have been warned:

A couple weeks ago we went to see Spider-Man 3 at this theatre that offers discount tickets on Tuesdays (only $6!). Being poor artists, we jumped at this deal, and figured that since a week had gone by since the release of Spidey-3, as well as the fact that we were going to a 9 pm showing, that we’d be ok as far as avoiding the kids and the crowds….Well, it was crowded, but the startling thing was that the theatre contained 60% kids. That’s right, there were more KIDS than adults. And the kids were all under 10. So as a result, the ENTIRE MOVIE we had kids being kids and saying stuff, crying, making baby noises, etc–not a line of dialouge was heard without some kid crying or screaming. We even had 3 kids playing tag in the area that divides the stadium seats from the up close seats. And you know, fine, it’s spider-man, while I can’t really see how kids who’re under 5 will understand what the hell is going on, I can tolerate the fact that kids were in a late show, and =almost= tolerate the idiot parents who don’t know how to teach their kids how to behave in a theatre.

What I CAN’T forgive are the idiot parents who brought their kids to see 28 Weeks Later. Once again, a good chunk of the theatre was made up of kids–maybe 35-40%, and once again, many of these kids were under 8 years old. This movie is rated R for really, really good reason. In the first scene of the movie, you get people getting ripped apart, trampled, decapitated, etc, and these moronic parents are just letting their four year olds sit through it. There’s even a super-graphic eye gouging scene! Why would you make a little kid sit through that stuff?

This pisses me off to the greatest extent because these are the SAME types of irresponsible parents that let their 8-10 yr. olds get games like Grand Theft Auto, and then go around and blame the industry for making violent games. Movies and games have RATINGS for violence. They say EXACTLY what you’re getting when you buy them, so there is NO EXCUSE for being surprised with the result.

I really, really feel that there should be a law to ban kids who’re under 10 from being allowed into a theatre–regardless of whether or not they’re with a parent. At the very least the law would be responsible for those kids–even though their parents are not.

That being said, I thought 28 weeks later was awesome–super terrifying, really edge of your seat stuff. Not quite as good as the first since there’s not a whole lot dedicated to character development, but overall a very entertaining film. As for spider-man…well, since I didn’t really get to hear most of it, I can’t really say. Didn’t really think the venom fight was necessary–woulda been cooler to have the movie end with Brock getting the symbiot.



First of all, the auction will be ending in 2 days, so be sure to check it out before it's too late!

Second, because it's a new month, it's time to vote again! This time I have a comic up making fun of super hero comics and a bunch of other stereotypes (including those found in manga), so hopefully you'll find it entertaining. As usual vote every day, as each day a new page of the story is put up. Miss a day, and you miss that part of the story. Simply click on the blue TWC button between this newsbox and the comic itself, follow the prompt, and you'll see the page!

June's wallpaper'll be up later today/tomorrow"I'm really pleased with the drawing for it, so I can't wait to show you guys =)

Lastly, the cicadas are here in FULL FORCE! They're EVERYWHERE! Like locusts! Yet another reason not to go outside""

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