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So as some of you know, when I had all those crazy computer problems last summer, it pretty much ate up just about all the money I had hoarded away for convention travels this summer. So basically I’m going to be running auctions for the next couple weeks to raise money for 1 plane ticket to San Diego, and money for hotels. Ideally I’d like to raise $600, but as long as I can raise $300 I should be ok for the first convention.

So here’s the first auction. It’s a print of the Machiavelli wallpaper image, and it’s matted. It also comes with the original ink drawing used as a base for the color! Both are signed and dated, and the print has “1/3″. I’ll be selling the two other copies of this print at Anime Iowa and maybe Otakon, but obviously since there’s only one drawing like that, this particular auction’s the only way to get it.

Speaking of conventions, and since I’ve finally heard back from just about all of them, these are the ones I will be going to this year:

Connecticon–July 13-15.
Otakon–July 20-22.
San Diego Comic Con–July 26-29.
Anime Iowa–August 10-12.
I will also probably be attending Anime Reactor over here in Illinois, but they haven’t posted any information yet.

So a bunch of these conventions are super close together, meaning that for the greater part of July I won’t be at my house. I’m working on building up a comic buffer, but I’m thinking that there probably won’t be any escaping the need to get some guest strips in. Soooo, I’m thining that this time around I’ll make a contest for some of you guys out there to come up with a MR guest strip to be posted while I’m away. Rules’ll go up either on friday or monday. Please do not send me submissions until I post the official rules and stuff.

Finally, the T-shirts are now available in the Store, so check it out. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more XLs in stock (the greater part of my cashflow’s going into reprints x.x ), but there’s still Mediums and Larges available, so check it out =)

Alrighty, I think I’m done. Don’t forget to check out the auction!

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