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Acen and other things

So first of all I have vote incentives up til thursday–experimenting with how to draw upward angles and stuff, practicing technique. There’s panty shots involved, so good times. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have time to finish off the month, and I’m hoping that the next month I’ll go back to doing incentive comics.

As for Anime Central, first of all, thank you to all who came by and said hi, picked up a flyer, bought a shirt, etc. It was really nice to know that despite fighting off the remnants of t3h pl4gue, people were still willing to talk to me XD Unfortunately I was too busy to take photos this time around, but I have words! Yay!

I had a great time over the weekend, especially at the webcomic panel hosted by the wonderful people at Otaku No Yen, with myself, Dirk and this girl whose name I can’t quite remember but will update with linkage once Dirk tells me who she is (his memory tends to be better than mine). It was a really great panel simply because we didn’t really say anything particularly helpful, nor did we relate any sort of useful information….we pretty much just made fun of each other and told amusing anecdotes about what NOT to do when starting a webcomic. So hopefully some people came out of it with something useful, but at the very least everyone left entertained.

Overall I did better at this con than any other con I’ve gone to….ever. There were teaming masses of people, and it was glorious. Many, many, MANY thanks to the wonderful Heather who spent the majority of her convention time helping me at my table–taking money while I worked furiously on sketches, getting me food, throwing stuff away, etc. She really was a godsend, and Heather since I know you’re reading this: Wanna help me at Anime Reactor? =D

Added thanks was given to Drew (AKA Skowl on the Forums, who unfortunately was tied up most of the con doing security detail, but otherwise assisted us in getting the lovely shirts here and provided us with many amusing anecdotes (yes, “anecdote” is indeed the word of the day). Also kudos to James (Outlawbebop–another forum member), for assisting on Sunday. Additionally, it was nice to meet Tukaro, the forum manager man!

It was also great to chat with the Applegeeks, Mook-age, and the guys at Alpha-Shade.

So overall it was a really fun convention, and while tired and exhausted afterwards, I had a great time!

I also spent last week getting caught up on my commissions and logging in my finances, so GO ME FOR BEING CAUGHT UP ON OTHER WORK!. W00t! Later in the week I’ll post my rant about Spider-Man 3–normally I don’t think I rant too much, but oh man, have I got a rant that’ll make Fred’s rants look like Shel Silverstien poems.

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