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Donate at least $1 to get this faberooie MR wallpaper! Avalable in all sizes!
It's in the graph


Will post detailed report once head stops exploding.



So acen starts…today!

First of all, I’ll be a judge in the Iron Artist competition, so if any of you wanabe artists out there wanna compete and test you’re stuff, I’ll be…uh…judging you! Unfortunately, they said I can’t be Simon Cowell, but it’ll still be fun anyway.

Second, I have art hanging in the Art show! They’re original prints of the last three wallpapers (specifically the current one, the cover for the MR book, and the one of Machiavelli). They’ll be auctioned off silently, and I’m gonna start the bids at $10.

Thirrrd, and the most important announcement, THE MR SHIRTS ARE HERE! Yes, so while there are no books, there are shirts now and this is what they look like!

They’ll be sold for $18, and they come in medium, large, and XL.

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