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Initially it was going to be “It’s just like the loading program from the Matrix!” but I wanted something more obscure, more….nerdy.

For those of you who don’t know what thx is, it’s a really, really weird sci-fi film made by George Lucas before he became…GEORGE LUCAS. It came before Star Wars, before American Graffiti, and it is so bizarre that even 5 months after seeing it I’m still uncertain of whether or not I liked it. But the prison that Lourdes is referring too looks like this and is probably the creepiest idea for a prison ever conceived. So yeah, if you can find it, check it out and experience the weirdness.

Pre-orders have now begun over in the store, and if you pre-order you get your book signed plus a sketch of a character. I will warn you though–to keep the sketch thing manageable, I’m only drawing one character per person. That being said, requests like, “I want Lourdes pissed off and powered up!” or “I want Lilly crushing a penguin stuffed animal!” will be fine. Pre-orders will be going on until May 10, which is when I jet off to A-cen. Orders will be then shipped out May 15.

Speaking of Acen, I will be attending as always. New this year will be, of course, the books, but there’ll also be a few other surprises that I’ll mention as the con gets closer. But as usual there’ll be sexy prints and pins, however in lieu of the book I’ll be retiring the minis. I’ll probably be doing the Art Auction too, simply so that I can raise some funds for traveling to the SDCC and Otakon this year (as that dive my computer took last year totally wiped out my travel account x.x ). So yeah, swing by my table, say hi, etc. I really get excited meeting readers ^^

School ends on Friday, and the only finals I have to worry about now are for my art classes. So I’m super-psyched and ready to enjoy sleeping again. I’m also planning to do my own sort of art-ninja training regimen of examining all my manga and seeing how the artists lay stuff out, draw situations, backgrounds, etc. I also want to get a lot faster with my coloring, so I’ll be trying out some new techniques too =X

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