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Book preview: Extra Story!

One week!

So I have one week left of school, wheeee!!!!

As a result, I totally forgot about an illustration project due today, so I put the colors for today’s comic on hold. On the plus side, it was nice to get back in the swing of drawing the characters again! ^^

Colors updated later today, more newsy newspost later too.


The extra story!

So here’s a page from the 8 page extra story that’ll be featured in the book. What is it about? Not telling. The only things I’ll give you is that the nagini’s name is Pai Cao (or Cao Pai to some people), and that his entourage are named (in order) Gainax, Bounce, Jiggle and Boing. And yes, Gainax is a play on the infamous Daicon Bunny Girl. So yes, I send it off to press today, so this afternoon I’ll be setting up the store for preorders. Since the full book kinda makes the minis obsolete, I’ll be removing them when I get out of school (april 27). So if, for whatever reason you wanted a mini comic, I’m not going to be selling them at conventions anymore so now’s your time to get ‘em.

In any case, time to get back to the grindstone. Normal comics’ll return on Friday provided nothing weird comes up =)

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