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Two-page spread

Ok, so this is the two-page spread that’ll be in the book. In the color section. The first two comics’ll be redone in full color as well, but everything else is the same black n’ white. I still have to finish the pages for the extra story, but I figure that if I pull two all-nighters over the weekend I’ll be able to finish it in time. My goal is to send everything off this weekend, so that the books’ll be done by Anime Central.

I never really realized how much work went into making one of these things, even though I helped do the pre-press work for the first volume of Flipside (all the layout/cover design was me, w00t). But for me, prepping the pages for pre-press too at least 7 hours–and since there’s 9 chapters, that’s like 45 minutes per chapter. It was because of the goddamn templates I used to use (the little frames that went around the first 150 or so comics.), as each page required me to chop them off, delete any excess debris, change the format to CMYK, and then resize, add bleed, and save them as a PDF file. Not difficult, but really tedious. But luckily, everything else is about done.

And Brion has promised me that he’ll buy me a cake, and then play DDR with me. So more motivation to complete the thing! =D



So yes, due to Grindhouse and its 3hourness + Easter celebrations, it left me short on time to finish today's comic (I haven't been doing too good with the monday comics, have I? x.x ). On the plus side, I managed to get done my illustration project (featured above), a 25 minute power-point presentation on Rene Magritte (a surrealist), a crappy watercolor painting which I will not post here because I find it embarrassing, and a shitload of stuff for the book! So hopefully by this weekend I'll have alllllll the book stuff done so I can get back to working on school and MR regularly, and the books'll get here in time for Acen. There'll be other surprises for Acen, too, so make sure you register! =)

Now, as far as the illustration above goes, it's basically an elaboration on the first editorial project, except for this one we got to pick out own articles and it had to be a full page. Soooo, I decided to choose an article about how it seems that in all romantic comedies these days (My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Prime, Along Came Polly, etc), all these super-hot, super-smart, super-successful chicks are paired with dorky, awkward, not-so-successful guys. It seemed like more of a rant than an article, and kind of jumped all over the place, but it does seem a tad unrealistic that most TV shows these days have husbands doing idiotic stuff and then having their smart, perfect wives bail them out of it. I mean, you can't help who you love and all that, but as far as comedies go that concept's getting kinda boring =\ I mainly chose this article because it'd mean I'd get to draw hot pin-up chicks"something my class says I'm really good at".and because my teacher wouldn't let me do the article on Samuel L. Jackson *shakes fist*

Essentially my idea for the drawing was to take a really masculine man, and turn him into a hot chick. Not sure how to feminize Sean Connery, I decided to do Indiana Jones. I also was struck by one of the very few funny moments from the remake of the Stepford Wives, which was when Matthew Broderick said, âWhile you were off conquering the world, I got to hold your purse!â? So that inspired me to have the nerdy guy holding the girl's purse in the middle of this jungle thing. Had a fun time drawing it, but all the leaves n' crap were a pain in the ass to color. Took me about 5 hours to color, 1 hour to draw, 2 1/2 to ink. Soooo"8+hours ish in total. Good times.

As far as Grindhouse goes".it's awesome. See it in theaters. Then see it again. Then buy it on DVD. Seriously"the little trailer interludes in between the films are worth it by themselves"especially the Thanksgiving horror movie by the guy who directed Hostel, and the âMacheteâ? trailer XD Also, make sure you go to the bathroom before viewing as it's a looong movie, and you really don't want to miss any of it. I'll probably go into detail tomorrow, as this post's getting kind of long.

Which reminds me, hopefully later today"maybe Tuesday, I'll be posting the sexy two-page spread that'll be in the book! So that means you'll be getting a couple updates this week!


Ooops x.x

It occurs to me now that I didn’t actually post a direct link to the auction. So, uh, there it is. Today’s the last day, so check it out before it’s gone =)

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