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So, I’ve taken to drinking a bottle of water every day. In my head, it evens out the two bottles of coke and three cups of coffee I drink every day. And the results prove good–I’ve lost 5 lbs. and generally feel healthier…though granted I probably would be healthier overall if I gave up the coffee and soda alltogether, but that’s just pushing it.

As far as the NCAA tourney goes, I’ll come in second if Florida wins…so start rooting for Florida! Even if you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, send good vibes towards Florida. It goes a long way!


Backgrounds are hard

So yeah, once again, I apologize for delaying the comic, but I knew with all the buildings I was drawing that it just wasn’t going to happen by Friday night x.x I also apologize for the lack of incentives, but I really quickly reached my incentive buffer, and never had the time to get it back….Mad props to all of you out there keeping us there at 19. What a way to finish off the month!

Speaking of which, yay to UCLA for beating Kansas, but boo to North Carolina for losing to Georgetown in overtime (and by 10 frickin’ points, too!). Wag of the finger to you guys. Since 3 of my final 4 teams made it, I might still be at the top of my pool. Root for Florida to win!

Thanks to all of you who submitted comments on my illustration project! Here’s hoping I did ok on it ^^;

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