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Comic to be delayed

So yesterday I decided to give blood. After nearly blacking out, I decided it’d probably be a good idea to take it easy. As a result, I wasn’t able to work on my page for today, because I was working on an illustration project (featured above) that was due today. Since tomorrow’s our school’s student juried show gallery opening (which features one of my pieces ^^ ), I won’t really be able to finish it tomorrow, so I’m saying the comic’ll be pushed back to Monday. I apologize for leaving you guys hanging and stuff, but there’s not much I can do as far as school projects go.

That being said, the assignment was a weeklong project (though technically it was more like, 3 days since monday we spent all day critiquing each other’s ideas, and tuesday we spent all day critiquing the 201 class =\ ), and it was an editorial illustration. The article was basically about how France has a law banning the denial of the Holocaust (despite there being no risk of neo-nazism like in Germany), and Muslims were calling for the banning of illustrating Muhammad like in those infamous Danish cartoons, and France is calling for the banning of the denial of the Armenian massacre simply because they don’t want Turkey to join with the EU (or maybe it’s the UN–my brain’s kind of fried). So basically it all boils down to most people self-censoring themselves to avoid bringing up controvercial topics like the aformentioned, and how society’s going to go on a downward spiral if issues like these remain undebated and unresolved. Soooo, I decided the best way to epitomize the idea of the article was to have Justice bound up by all of the stuff that is up for debate/banning.

While I really liked my drawing, I’m not sure I really like how I colored it. I wanted to go for a more painted style to it, but I can’t help but feel that something’s missing from it. Also, I think it’s too creepy for its own good–I want thought provoking, not Silent Hill =\ So pretty much I’m just going to hand it in, as is, and hope for the best.


Internet..again -_-

So my wireless card is being weird…again. It was fine for 3 days or so, but now it’s saying that there are no networks in range at all–despite being 3 feet away from one. Can anyone help me out with this?

Here’s what I’ve done:

–checked my drivers–no errors
–checked my network settings–fine
–reset the BIOS (as last year it was kicking me off FFXI because one of the fans wasn’t kicking in -_- )
–scaned for virii–nada
–scanned for spyware–nuttin

I also tried to check for updates for windows, but without an internet connection that’s not really going anywhere x.x



So it turns out someone had reset the router to be a 169 address again, when I had my IP config’d to be 168…or something. It’s fixed now, so yay for having the internets again! ^^

Also, incentives are up again.



Having troubles with my wireless card, so here’s hoping the comic’s successfully posted….from Brion’s computer. Leaving yesterday’s incentive up today for those that didn’t catch the “Vote and see the new characters coming up!” announcement. And, Moxie’s a really fun character to draw.

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