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So last minute adjustments to an illustration project put poor Jen behind on today’s comic. What you see here is the “flat layer” of the comic–what allows me to make and save selections for the parts I want to color. Hopefully I’ll be able to work on the comic at school today, and I’m thinking I’ll get it up officially (with words and stuff) before 1 pm CST. So it should be up for most of you when you get home from school =)

The NCAA is upon us! My final 4: Florida St., UCLA, Ohio St. and North Carolina, with Florida winning it. That’s right, I put UCLA over Kansas as I don’t think they’d be able to make it after facing all of the other tough teams along the way (Nova, SIU). Kinda mad Duke lost, but that’s the NCAA–all upsets and stuff x.x


My bad x.x

It appears that I forgot to upload the incentive to the internets".which makes me mad because I did it x.x

It should be up by 4 pm today"sorry x.x

EDIT: It’s up now! ^^


A new rant"FOR SPARTA!

So I kinda got a little carried away designing my monsters. Especially my snake lady, who seems to be saying, âI'm part snake, but all woman.â? Drawing weird stuff is fun.

And The 300 was pretty awesome"there were some sketchy bits where you could tell the scene was set up simply so the director could go, âLook, we can borrow from the comic too!â? that just didn't really work out (like the scene where the black guys eyes go to pure white simply to look creepy was kinda awkward, and the sex scene where they go into 6 different positions in the space of 2 minutes"those Spartan women were sure flexible" ), but overall it was AWESOME. Lots of blood, guts, and men doing manly things like showing off their abs and screaming âSPARTA!â? And yes, at my poker game that night, I couldn't help but yelling, âI raise you"FOR SPARTA!â? in the best manly voice my womanly form could muster. Good times. So yeah, definitely a groovy action film, and the costume designs are awesome (color me a big fan of the ninjas"erm, âimmortals"), so see it if you can.

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