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Incentives are BACK

For a vengeance even. Leaving it up tomorrow too as it’s late and I don’t want you guys to miss out on the zani story. I’m finding the stuff I’m writing funnier now that I’m half braindead…or maybe it seems funnier since I’m braindead….whatever the reason, I’m having fun, so good times. Please keep voting every day so we can get back into the teens–we’re so close to the top 10 guys!!! (well, ok, not really, but a girl can dream!)

Working hard on my secret project, enjoying life, and I think I did pretty good on my midterms.

Saw Black Snake Moan over the weekend because I will see just about any movie the great Sam Jackson is in. And it has Christina Ricci in a chain, good times. It wasn’t exactly like what the previews made it out to be (as they seemed to make it out to be Sam Jackson simply walkin aroun, kickin ass with a hot girl on a leash), but it turned out to be beyond what I was expecting (which was just sam jackson walking around a hot girl in a leash). It’s actually got a pretty decent amount of substance, and it’s really kind of heartwarming in a weird sort of a way. And Sam Jackson can play a mean guitar. So basically, I recommend seeing it–the scene with Sam running out of the house with his bible is just priceless. However, if you’re sensitive to violence, sex, etc, probably best to avoid it.



So water’s a bitch to render. As a result, I was up til midnight trying to get the comic done…which means the incentive will be posted later today when I get back from school x.x

However, I did manage to get this month’s wallpaper up–This month is dedicated to the new bad girl on the block, Machiavelli! Donators of at least $1 get the swanky wallpaper as usual, and donators of $10 or more get it and some character sketches mailed out. Good times.

Got to level my red mage to 40 over the weekend (yeah, I know, I’ve had this game for how long?), but more on that later.

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