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Chapter 14: Duel Revolution

incentives are BACK

Yep, it’s up now so vote guys! ^^


Midterms suck

So I managed to get my page done on time (yay!), unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to scan in the incentive for today(boo!). I did however manage to sketch out more incentives so I’ll be ahead(yay!), but they won’t be put into the system until later today. Please vote anyway though, and I’ll post an official announcement once I get them online.

Ugh, so both of my academic teachers (we have two types of classes here–academics (the gen ed type stuff) that you take once a week, and studios which are your arty classes that you have 4 times a week) decided that they wanted to make mid-term week “easier” for us by “spacing out” the mid-term assignments and having them due a week ahead of schedule. So as a result, I spent my weekend researching stuff on the High Gothic period of art (Post-Carravaggio) in order to do a 7 page paper on a gallery in the Art Institute. I then had 2 days to work on my 6 page long film and society paper which just required way more thinking than I initially wanted to invest in the project. It all led to me getting 3 hours of sleep yesterday because I was super-stressed out about my watercolor midterm which consists of us reading Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino (really great, wonderfully weird book), and painting it. That’s right painting it. Ugh. In any case, I can’t waaaaaait for the weekend.

In any case, now the little interlude’s over, so regular comics will be returning. Hopefully you guys liked them–I found it kinda fun to do something weird–like put Lourdes in pants! And it gave me a chance to get some work done (though not quite as much as I would have liked x.x), as well as avoid skipping comics during my crazy mad-paper-writing sessions.

I’m super psyched about the upcoming story-arc, as it’ll give me a chance to draw more weird places, cities, and monsters (as I was getting kinda bored with having them in the same city). There’ll also be some groovy new characters that’ll be introduced, and hopefully it’ll give you all a better idea of what the various races/classes are and what they do. =D

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