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Mystic Interlude: Pt. 3


Incentive for today to be updated later, when I get back from school. Ended up staying up til 3 to finish midterms, so yeah x.x


Day off!

So it is SO nice to have a day off thanks to all the presidents (whether you agree with them or not, you gotta give ‘em props for having a national holiday! I myself am using this day to get ahead in my midterm projects and work on my…taxes. It’s really depressing to count up all the reciepts and find out exactly how much attending an art school every semester costs, but hey, the stuff learned is definitely worth it. So far I have most of it done, I just have to log in the monies made during conventions (as I spent about 2 hours last night going through my paypal records to log every dollar earned through donation x.x ), and the *shudder* huge bills recieved when I got my computer fixed. Ever since that whole experience I kinda “hid” the repair reciepts from myself since I just didn’t want to remind myself of how horrible it was to not only go without a computer, but to have to pay for it with the cash I was saving for the con season x.x

Which reminds me, starting in march most likely, I will be starting a series of ebay auctions again to raise money for flights to San Diego, Maryland, and Baltimore. I will also be doing a special auction at Anime Central’s and possibly Otakon’s Art Shows of original pieces to be found in that special project I’ve been working on. So yeah, nothing to worry about right now, but plenty of stuff to look forward to in march (as I’ll finally be revealing what my special projects are!) Mwahahahaha!

Also, be sure to keep voting guys! Let’s try to finish the month in the ‘teens! ^^

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