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I think we're done now


Forgot to update the incentive for today. Don’t worry though, it’s up now and will stay up for tomorrow too for those who haven’t seen it ^^



Ok, first and foremost, once again, there ARE incentives now on TWC. It's a comic following around Gothgrrl, so I'm sure you guys are to enjoy"and every day there's a new page in the story. So if you're not voting, then you're missing out on the hilarity! And once again for those who're new to the site, all you gotta do is click on the little blue âTWCâ? button right below the comic.

Next, Brion's auction of Bernadette from Flipside and colored by yours truly is ending soon, so it's your last chance to try to grab it ^^.

Finally, new donation wallpaper up. Since it's Febuary, I did a cute lovey-dovey Lourdes+Ninja wallpaper, so as usual donate at least $1 and I'll send it right over. Donaters of $10 or more get a sketch of their fave character sent in the mail, so good times.

On a sadder note, Da Bears lost the Super Bowl. Living in Chicago, I know that there're gonna be a lot of super-pissed off people today, so hopefully I'll escape the riots XD

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