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For the artists/commissioners out there

Because I know a lot of you out there are artists, webcomickers, writers, musicians, webdesigners, etc out there, my friend posted something to her devJournal that you should read.

It’s on a subject that’s really very close to home for me–selling artwork. Going to an art school, 98% of the kids there have never had any sort of experience selling art, nor do they consider themselves “professionals". As a result, they often undersell their work, or even give it away without any sort of compensation whatsoever. It’s stuff like that that makes me really ache, as I’ve been there before, and I know how much it sucks to see something you work for hours on slip out of your hands with out so much as the cash to buy lunch the next day.

And the temptation to undersell yourself is strong. Because you are a student, you feel that you cannot be a professional because you don’t have the experience in the materials as those B.F.A letters say you do. You feel that you won’t get the job if you charge a competitive rate. You feel that because there are others out there that are better than you, that obviously you shouldn’t charge nearly as much.

This is not the case. If someone is interested in your work, interested in owning your work, you are a professional.

For me, I’ve come up with a comfortable pricing plan based on an hourly rate which I find about appropriate to my skill level (though I’ll probably end up raising it soon, as that was made a year and a half ago, and methinks I’ve gotten much better), but that particular chart’s based on illustrative work. Since I really, really love doing illustration, and the commissions I get help improve and challenge my drawing, I charge less for that than say, graphic design. Because I hate doing graphic design XD

I guess what I’m trying to say, to all my budding artists out there, is to just really make sure you have respect for yourself and your art when entering “the business". Because that’s what it is–A business, just like any other.

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