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How would that feel?

Febuary X.x

Yeah, so I totally forgot it was Febuary. For some reason, I thought January was longer x.x

In any case, Febuary means a new month for voting! I'll be making new comics for this month starting today, and the only way you can see them is by voting! (i.e clicking on the little TWC button beneath the comic and above this newsbox). Every day there's a new page, so make sure you vote every day to keep up with the story! Let's try to get into the teens this time! ^^

New wallpaper image will probably be posted over the weekend.

I'll also be at some sort of convention in Febuary. I don't know what the hell it is other than the fact that it is a convention that's only 1 day (saturday) and is located =somewhere= in Chicago. So"¶uh, that's a heads up for now, and more information as I get it"¶hopefully X.x

Finally, there's another auction that Brion drew and I colored. So if you want to own something that was touched by the hands that draw MR, check it out, enjoy, etc. Good times.


Project wonderful!

So yes, I signed on for Project Wonderful, so now, you (the people!) can advertise on MR for cheap! Basically that big banner at the top is up for grabs, and on PW the ad space is auctioned! Right now it’s free, so be sure to take advantage of this while you can ^^

I’m also looking into getting some smaller button ads on the bottom of the page, just in case those of you with webcomics (or whatever really) don’t feel like having a giant banner.

I really have to say I dig this arrangement because that way you guys out there get some cheap exposure and you get to support MR at the same time ^^

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