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So I’m finally getting around to answering email. It’s funny because I get them, read them, feel the warm n’ fuzzies, and then leave them as “unread” so I can wait for time to write out a thought-out response. I figure that if you guys take the time out of your days to write me an email (especially about the story ^^ ), the least I owe you is the time to write back a decent response. So that’s why it takes a little while for me to respond to stuff sometimes ^^;;

In other news, Brion got kind of a harsh review on a site called Digital Strips. Some of the points are valid, granted, but some things made me kind of wince and go, “Wow, if they think that about his comic, then how the hell do I measure up X.x “. So I started thinking about how my story’s been structured thus far, and how I’ve gone about telling it. And granted, there are a lot of disjointed moments, and times where stuff comes out of nowhere or characters say stuff that’s totally inconsistant with who they are….but this whole thing is pretty much a learning process for me. It’s kinda cool to see how MR has evolved from having no real direction other than “get to the bar” to the beginings of characterization to having some sort of real plot, to wherever the hell it is now. Pretty much, when I planned the story, I thought about what I most wanted to write about–not really caring about what all you guys in internet land would think about it or whether or not you’d follow my crazy leaps and bounds. Because that’s just the way I am, I guess.

I know that I have more female characters than male characters….but that’s simply because I really prefer drawing girls over guys simply for the fact that if I need to check a pose or whatever I can just look in the mirror. I also have a shitload of fun designing the bizarre “armor” for female characters. That being said though, I really do need to have some more, “cool” guys in the story–the poor male side of the species has been totally under-represented in the story x.x

Boy oh boy, this sounded way more

Once again, I apologize for the lateness–had more difficulty than I thought trying to get the sword to look right.

Also had a hard time scripting this page…Machiavelli is one of my favorite characters, so I found myself spending even more time than normal going over my scripts simply because I want her to look really cool…one the reasons that I fell kinda behind this week ^^; I also wanna make sure that this story-arc ends in a really cool way, so I’m really working hard to make sure nothing’s super-lame or cliche.