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No excuses


So today’s comic will be a little late–yesterday was my grandma’s birthday, so I didn’t quite have time to finish coloring the comic when I got home. However, the flat colors are on, so if I had to guess I’d say I’m 85% done. The comic will probably be posted an hour or so after I get home from school, so look for it up on or before 5 pm CST. Sorry! ^^;;;


New way to ink!

So I forgot to mention that today’s comic has been inked differently than the normal comics (it’s most noticable in the last panel). That’s because, today I took Paul Sizer’s advice and used a brush pen to ink it! The pen I used was the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens which can be found in a nifty set of 4 for $8 or so at any art store. Definitely worth investing in if you wanna do weird, thick n’ wavy lines like I do, as it cuts the stroke time down by 2/3s (so now it only takes an hour to ink comics, instead of 3).

Also, as a sidenote, do NOT buy Speedball’s “super pigmented acryllic ink” because even though it SAYS it’s waterproof, it’s not. After ruining my friend’s watercolor project (and nearly mine as well), we ran 3 separate tests on it to see if it was just the watercolor element that made it smear, or if there was too much water applied, or if it just wasn’t dry enough (we used a hairdryer to be sure). The ink failed every test, so if you’re looking for archival quality waterproof ink, go for India ink and stay away from speedball. I for one am going to write them a letter!

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