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Newsy news

So today I start school. Hopefully Watercolor’ll be a lot more relaxing than Life Drawing was (and hopefully I get more out of it -_- ). I have a slightly more normal schedule this year, though I still have a late class on Thursdays. I’m hoping though that if I can get the comics done by Wednesday that I won’t have to worry about changing the schedule of the comic again. I have another Art History class, with the same teacher as the last one, so chances are towards finals there may be some missed comics due to some insanely long project she wants us to do.

In other news, welcome Dominic Deegan readers! Hope you enjoy the comic and stick around for a while ^^



Ok, so the missing comics in chapter 7 are now…uh…not missing! As they are in the archive! And the actual archive page has been updated to include hotlinks to the last two chapters. So just in case you don’t feel like using the Dropdown of Doom, you can get nice hot links to the start of each chapter! Yay!

There is only ONE comic missing now, page 4 or so, but we are currently working on getting it in to join its happy brethren in the rest of the archives.

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