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So the wireless interweb appears to be working again (as I'm all connected and everything), but the wireless card doesn't look like it's on (as it it's not glowing x.x ). But you know what, I ain't gonna look a gift horse in the mouth, so I'm just gonna shrug and try to fix the sound! XD

Vote incentive is now up by the way =3

EDIT: After checking device manager and finding all devices nominal, I went back to the control panel and found I wasn’t locked out anymore. So now I have sound again, too!

It’s kinda weird though that the computer…hiccuped like that x.x


vote incentive and other stuff

My wireless card crapped out on me yesterday when I was uploading the incentive. So basically it’s not registering that there’s a card. Gonna do the device manager thing to see if it’s just a problem with the drivers…

I hope I don’t have to buy new cards x.x


Funny story

So today I got out of school early due to a teacher christmas party. Getting home at 2 pm, I decided to make the most of my time by taking a short, 1 hour nap to somewhat make up for the horrible lack of sleep I’ve been getting. Needless to say, I didn’t think setting an alarm would be necessary considering I didn’t think I was =that= tired…… So I ended up sleeping until like, 6 pm. I have the comic totally inked, however, so I’ll probably just upload and color it later today…like when I get home from school and everything =3

In the mean time, here’s a panel from the page for you all to speculate upon–DUN DUN DUN!!

Also, thanks for those of you who’ve responded to my sound query, however when I go to the control panel sound thingie, it tells me that there IS no sound device hooked up…which is ridiculous since it’s a laptop and the speakers are kinda like….attached to it. In the permenant way -_-;


Computer question!

I feel kinda silly asking this, but I know there’s a lot of computer guys out there–guys n’ gals who know a shitload about how to do stuff more than I do–so it is to you that I pose my silly question:

My volume control has disappeared from the lower right side where the other little control icons stay. My computer was muted before it disappeared, so uh……………..how do I get the sound back on?

I’ve tried using the manual volume control buttons on the laptop itself, but that does not appear to have done anything, nor does actually fiddling around with the sound area in the control panel. I have windows XP, if that helps anyone x.x

….I just want my sound icon back…….I like being able to control my sound x.x


For the record

Despite the filler, there ARE still vote incentives x.x So just in case you’re missing your dose of MR, there’s daily comics on the TWC list ^^

In any case, I had a pretty fun time working on this other final essay for my Criticism class– I got to analyze Death Note! It made me extremely happy because I love and adore the series, feel that it’s one of the greatest things ever written, etc, etc, so it was cool to write a whole paper analyzing how awesome it was! (Naturally I had to go into detail on the character archetypes and all that other fun stuff, but it’s Death Note so it was cool anyway!!! ).

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