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I'm freaking out!!!


Like the comic says, I spent all day looking up stuff on flying buttresses and groin vaults. My head is filled with so much information that it hurts…badly. So yes, filler for today.

Unlike previous user logout days (most of which are missing from the revamped archives), I actually decided to make this one look pretty. And like I said as well, I’m considering fixing the little drawing errors, cleaning it up, coloring it, and making it a special print to be auctioned off at Acen. There’ll probably be some other MR stuff there, and also new stuffs to be sold at my table, so there’s more reasons to go! If you wanna pre-reg, then go over here and sign up. It’s Acen’s 10th year, so it’s sure to be awesome! ^^

As for the finals, I’m fairly certain that since the take home exam I’m working on now is the biggest, hardest, most time consuming part of the final, that once I finish it (tomorrow) I’ll have enough time to get my other finals done so there’ll be a comic on Friday. Simply because I really don’t like skipping comics x.x

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