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For the fans

It’s up!

Incentive’s back and beautiful. Will remain up tomorrow too for those who may have missed it =3



So TWC is still down for whatever reason. Decided it’d just be better to keep trying to update, and when/if I can ever get on there later tonight it’ll be posted, and I’ll leave it up tomorrow for those who weren’t able to see it.

Sorry guys ;_;



Ok, so TWC still isn’t letting me log in. I managed to get to the main page for a minute, but then when I went to sign into my account it said there was a server failure. Since class starts in a couple minutes, I’m going to try to upload it during lunch. If worse comes to worse, I’ll just post a direct link to the incentive here, and just hope that everyone votes anyway (because it appears that it is, indeed, still accepting votes for whatever reason).


Incentive to be late

So last night the Topweb homepage was down, so it wouldn’t let me upload my incentive for today. However, I have it on my FTP, so I’ll be able to upload it when I get to school tomorrow, around 8 am CST. So yes, there WILL be an incentive today….as long as TWC fixes whatever the hell needs fixing x.x



It’s four degrees today. Four.

I hate winter.



No incentive for today–spent too long working on this paper. Please vote anyway though! ^^


Holiday cheer

Always wanted to do a 4th wall joke.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! We had a great time–Brion took me out to a fancy Japanese place and then later we went to see a Burlesque show which was tremendously entertaining and hilarious. And there was cake!

In other news, there is a new donation desktop thingie for the month. This time, it’s “Santa baby“, featuring Toasty as the great St. Nick with his “helpers” consisting of all the MR girls. Donate at least $1 to get it, and donate $10 or more and I’ll send you a sketch of your favorite character (in the spirit of the season, they’ll be in holiday dress ;x ). Good times.

Lastly, please keep voting! If possible, it’d be nice to stay in the top 20s (or hell, go into the teens! ). As usual, there’s an incentive comic, so every day you vote you get to see a new page of the story! So, if you don’t vote, then you miss out on all the funnies and you’ll be sad. And I don’t want you, the reader, to be sad, so do yourself a favor and vote ^^

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