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Boobs over dudes


So there’s an ad at the top of the page now. Why? Because I want to be able to buy video games again x.x

I stuck it up at the top of the page where it wouldn’t be obnoxious, and I think that it kinda blends into the site pretty well (well, those of you outside North America are probably seeing an Ad for speechbubble right now, so I can’t really say how that looks–but it’ll soon be changed to a mystic revy thing so it’ll work with the site anyway. ), and what’s nice is that with this service I get to choose what ads are put on my site, so you probably won’t be seeing any of those ridiculous “shoot the monkey” ads–like you did when I was on keenspace. Furthermore, because I get paid by impression and not by click rate, there’s no need to guilt you guys into clicking needlessly on the ads. That being said, Jlist is a pretty cool place because you can get tons of random japanese crap that you can’t really find outside of a convention.

In any case, hope you guys don’t mind the ad too much, and thanks for readin! ^^



Sorry again for late comic, but it’s up now, so yay! Hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving, and good luck to all getting good deals on stuff today!

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