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James Blonde

The new Bond movie is getting really good reviews. Like, really good. They’re saying he’s the best bond since connery, and that’s gotta be really something since connery IS bond. There’s also a big poker game in there! And they teamed up with my favorite poker show (High Stakes Poker on the Game Show Network) to do a promotional dealie.

Personally though, I probably would’ve gone to see it simply for the scene where he’s in that itty-bitty swimsuit. Meeeeow….


My bad!

We went to a friend’s house last night and Brion had us there really late playing street fighter. So when we came home I just crashed in bed.

Incentive’s up now though. If you’ve already voted, just vote again (even though it doesn’t count) and you’ll see the comic for today. Sorry for the lateness–Hope you guys are liking the story! ^^

Jesus, 19…I am SO stoked! It’s kinda crazy knowing that soon I could be in the top 10 =3 Thank you so much everyone! ^^

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