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Because it's PG-13 folks.

Thanks guys!

Alrighty! Now we’ve got a nice, cosy spot in the 20s, let’s see if we can move it up a bit more! I’m starting a new incentive comic, and this one will center around Toasty!

For those of you who’re new or just don’t vote at all, if you click on the little blue TWC button above this news post, you will be linked over to a panel of a comic (after you identify the character or whatever TWC makes you do these days). A new panel is added each day, so every day you vote you get to see how the story progresses. Miss a day, and, well, you miss the hi-larious hijinx that occur in the story. It’s fun for you guys because it means more MR every day of the week, and it’s fun for me because vote allow MR to climb higher up the list, thus gathering more readers and exposure =3

In other news, I got nearly all As on my midterms (my lifedrawing teacher’s a jerk and gave me a B- x.x ). So go me! All the crazy stress brought forth rewards!

Also, I’m making a plan to buy myself a cake either this week or next week to celebrate my midterm achievement–as it’s important to reward oneself! And what’s more rewarding than…CAKE! *does the happy dance*



We're slipping from the 20s!!!! C'mon guys, keep voting! Keep us in the top 30!

Once the Reactor incentives are done with (Tuesday), I will return with the valiant incentive comic! So hopefully that'll boost us back up there, as once I have tasted the 20s, I can't go back to the 30s! It's unpossible!

Working on getting a cosplay area in the art section. Unfortunately, I seem to have messed up something in the phpness, so the whole page is temporarily down. Never fear though! Our awesome Australian web guy will easily point out my stupid mistake and everything will be up and glorious again! Yay!

Lastly, you will notice that I finally got around to creating a new wallpaper! Since there’s been so much estrogen these last couple months, I decided that for Novemember, we’d showcase THE MEN OF MYSTIC REV…And Aeiryn. So yes, donate at least $1 and you can have this slap-happy wallpaper on YOUR desktop!

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