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Reactor 2k6

New chapter

Took me a long-ass time to color this thing–it was one of those times where nothing seemed to be really working, so it took a really, really long time x.x

Fairly happy with the result though. Hope you guys like it too ^^

Currently…relaxing, enjoying caramel apples, and hoping that Halloween brings pie to the house. You can never be without pie for too long. Planning future MR moichendising ideas…methinks you guys’ll like ‘em.

Also, watching Battlestar Gallactica season 2.5. GOOD GOD IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS SHOW YOU MUST SEE IT NOW! I mean, when I first heard the concept, I thought it sounded totally retarded. I mean, robots showing up suddenly and killing their human creators? Where’ve we heard that before. But then I saw the mini-series. And then the rest of the show. And good god, I am so addicted to everything that happens in this little universe. All the characters are soooo well written, and I love the actors (especially no. 6!), and the plot is just…awesome! It’s really amazing how space and everything is really more of a backdrop than the focus of the show–after all, it’s about people not places. So yes, BSG gets 14 Sparrow stars, which, since I haven’t specified a scale of any kind to base judement on, I will say is “good".


Reactor report!

Ok! So first and foremost we were kinda woried about the Reactor for a while as a week or so before the convention it was announced that there was an outcropping of mold all over the hotel. Talks of cancelling the convention ran about, however it turned out the whole thing was blown totally out of proportion and only 30 rooms or so had to be closed for detox (if that’s even the right term).

Also, I was incrediably depressed because my hat, my famous fedora hat, had gone missing. It was one of those situations where there were only 3 places it could be, and not being in any of those, I began to panic and wonder what had become of my precious hat (for those of you who know, it’s incrediably difficult to find a really nice, well-fitting fedora. It took us 2 days of scouring the city to find that one, and I’ve had it since I was 15 or so x.x ). Luckily, it turned out that it had fallen off the hat rack, into the laundry basket, so it was all ok, no harm done, etc. Unfortunately, we found it after the convention, so those who were at Reactor got to see a Hatless Sparrow. Enjoy the memory, kids XD

Friday was really slow, and even though I didn’t realize it, it was the night of the Draw or Die (I figured it was on saturday x.x ). After a grueling competition, sticking to my master plan of just drawing breasts and lots of them, I ended up not making the final roster of competitors (did walk away with some beads though–shiny!). Shannon ended up winning for the 3rd year in a row, leaving me to take Dirk’s spot as the not-clever emo child. Good times!

Saturday brought us the webcomic panel thing, which, because it was held right after the Naruto panel ended up smelling like….something I can’t say if I wanna call myself PG-13. The panel was a lotta fun, and I ended up having a good time makin’ an ass outta myself, poking fun at Rich, and generally imparting my wisdom (or lack thereof) on the impressionable youths that were there. Had fun hanging out with the ever-wonderful Outlawbebop, as well as a bunch of new people.

The dealer’s room really did have steel fans for sale, and I really, really, wanted them because I like weird weapons (which is why I have sai, instead of say, a katana). It kinda sucked though because they were $45, which was roughly $25 more than I was allowed to spend for the weekend XD So hey, there’s always next year, right?

Sunday was just…dead. Pretty much the only people in the alley who were there on sunday were the artist’s and their friends. So we cut out a little early and played us some video grames. Good times!

And now, for photos!

First and foremost, to continue the tradition, I present: Fishbowl, the Reactor Adwhore!. Here’s a close detail of the sexy sign I made for the outfit. Adwhores rock!

After getting my table stolen on saturday, I left this sign to ward off potential theives. The sign was stolen the next day, but my table wasn’t!

Finally, to end the report of the long but fun convention, here’re some Silent Hill cosplayers! Have a happy Halloween everyone! ^^



Forgot this week was happy fun midterm week, so uh, I’m going to leave the comic I was supposed to put up for monday on Friday unless something really cool happens and I find myself without stuff to do tomorrow.

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