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You bastard


I really wanted Shaenyn to look manical in the top panel. I think I succeeded.

Also, Reactor is this weekend, so be sure to swing by! I’ll have the flyers reprinted, so if you’re interesting in becoming an ad whore, then merely stop by and I’ll give you the SWEET hookup (includes a custom-made sign just for YOU by yours truly).

Which reminds me, I’m going to make a point of posting ad-whores and cosplayers into the fanart gallery. That way you all will be immortalized…on the INTERNET! Yeah!


oops ^^;

Vote incentive for today should be up now. I was feeling really tired yesterday so I went to bed early ^^


This just in

This just in, my friend Darwin also has a Cafe Press store with shirts to promote his short story, “My Girlfriend Fate". It’ll be coming out around mid-2007 from DAW/Tekno books in the “Fate Fantasic anthology, so be sure to check it out when it appears. He’s also currently writing a novel called, “My Girlfriend Fate: Family Business", so look for that too.

It’s fun having creative friends! ^^



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