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Yeah, so you guys are probably wondering where today’s comic is. And…the fact of the matter is that I couldn’t get it finished on time–the really sad thing is that I got home 6 hours earlier due to a teacher being absent, and because I had to catch up on homework, it still wasn’t done. So I was analyzing the last couple wednesday comics, and I found that I haven’t been able to do ANY of them without saccrificing the sleep time I need to survive a 2 hour commute(both ways) and 3 classes (9 hours) the following day. The fact of the matter is that as much as I hate to admit it, school comes before the comic.

Before you guys freak out, this is NOT, repeat NOT the end of MR. I’m just going to drop it down temporarily to two days a week–Mondays and Fridays. However, to make up for a lack of update, I’ll make the pages in color so you’ll have shiny, pretty colors to detract from the missing update. I will STILL continue to update the vote incentive mini-comic every day–It’s kind of a release to put together a crazy story for the characters to haphazardly plow through. So continue to vote everyday if you can ;x

Pretty much I’m seeing this as being a temporary thing–The registrar at school seriously !@#%%ed up everyone’s schedules, so as a result I have classes til 5 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I usually don’t get home before 6:30 on those days, and homework eats up most of my time, so yeah, basically until I get my tuesdays back, Wednesday’ll be no-go. Hopefully next semester I’ll have a more “normal” schedule, but we’re also looking to move into a place closer to the city with a friend. It’d be quite a bit more money than we’re paying now, but it’d cut my commute down from an hour and a half to around 20 minutes, so we’re trying to figure out how we can make it work. If we can do it, then it might be able to work thrice weekly again, otherwise, it’ll stand at 2 days. So yeah, that’s how it is and I’m really sorry about it, but there’s really not much I can do about it x.x

Like I said though, 2 days a week is still good–like Applegeeks! And they’ll be in sexy colors! Hopefully you guys can bear with me, and if not, well, you can always email me to yell or whatever. So yes, no update today, but look for the comic Friday. I’m going to bed as I’m tired as hell from working on my stupid architecture project for 5 hours followed by the comic I tried to post today x.x

FYI for those who’ve commissioned me, this’ll give me some more time to get those things done, so I’m hoping to get everything finished by Monday. Sorry for the delay. If anyone else wants to commission me or whatever, my rates are over at savagesparrow.com.



Alrighty, new month, new wallpaper image! Since it’s October and all, the theme is “Bubble bubble” and features Lilly, Gothgirl and Lourdes as sexy witches in front of a cauldron. I really think this one features my best coloring to date, so be sure to check it out–donate at least a buck, support your favorite comic, and get a sexy wallpaper ^^

Next, new month also means new vote incentives! Gonna be a little mini-comic series centering around halloween! So be sure to vote every day so you don’t miss out on the story! ^^

Also, The Reactor is coming up soon, so be sure to come! I’ll be participating in the Draw or Die competition, and I think I’ll be doing a webcomic panel with these jokers. So be sure to swing by, same Bat Place as last year. I’ll have the neeeeew prints on sale, as well as the old ones, and the same assortment of pins, mini-comics and other fun stuffs. I’ll also be doing on site commissions, yay! Oh! And I’ll be selling ALL the old vote incentives since like, whenever I started doing them, so if there’s a piece of art you’ve had your eye on or an incentive you really liked, that’s where to grab ‘em! ^^

Lastly, I have a PO box now, so those of you without email or whatever can now send me stuff! We’re gonna try to check it monthly, so sending something like say, a bunny, probably wouldn’t be a good idea. However, love letters, hate mail, moneys, cookies, ninja throwing stars–all fair game. In any case, here’s the adress–I’ll eventually add it to the store and bio links as well.

So here it is!

Flipside, Brazas Foulke
PO Box 633
Elmhurst, IL 60126-9998

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