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Of incentives and airshows

Today’s vote incentive proposing a “what happens after this comic” of Flipside. No reason really, just because I can XD

Airshow was really cool–got to see the tail end of the Golden Knights (army’s paratroopers) preform, as well as the Thunderbirds (airforce equivalent to the Blue Angels). It kinda sucked because one of the thunderbirds’ solo pilots hit a bird right before they were going to do the “death defying knife pass", so he had to take an early landing. Pilot was fine, plane was fine, though the bird…yeah. At the very end of the show it started pouring, so I think I’ve caught another cold as a result. But hey, it was still a really great show anyway!

Now I’ve gotta work on this crazy art history paper. Yaaay…


Sorry guys!

Sorry, right now I’m at my dad’s house in the middle of Nowhere-land, and the internet connection’s very daffy, so it didn’t upload the vote incentive for yesterday properly. As a result, I’m uploading it again (properly) today! So yes, you won’t be shorted of seeing Felicia, Ms. Cute Kitty girl. Good times.

Out here in Nowhere-land, I saw an airshow! I went to a football game in the heart of Americana! More on that later as I’m sleepy and wanna finish reading my stupid Dragonlance book (Raistlin’s in a life or death situation! Zomg!).

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