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Once again, sorry for the delay! Due to the school’s crappy circulation and my crazy over-work, methinks I’m starting to catch a cold or something since my throat hurts like a something-I-can’t-say-on-this-site-or-I’ll-lose-all-claims-to-my-PG-13-rating and I nearly fainted this morning (though coffee man at the green line stop gave me a free shot of expresso so that totally boosted my system into feeling less like a zombified disease pile). In any case, I’m taking it easy this weekend as I wanna celebrate the A I got on my thumbnails (i.e. the things I’m uploading as vote incentives), as only me and this other kid actually got As. So yay for me!

Speaking of vote incentives, since the topweb server seems to have been down for most of the day (as I went to vote at 10 am to no avail, and lo and behold it’s 8 pm now and still no dice), I’m going to reupload the Morrigan incentive for tomorrow, so that way those of you who might’ve been unable to vote today can still see it (as it’s really sexy and I’m quite proud of it).

And that’s the really cool thing about Illustration class (i.e. my major). All the other classes tend to be focusing on getting you to draw from life, realistic rendering, etc. Illustration is all about doing stuff in YOUR style, and they totally give you more freedom about what it is you’re drawing. A consistant stlye, they point out, is essential as basically that’s what you’re going to be marketing as a professional. So it’s nice for me because they can’t give me any flak for doing my anime-ishness with the crazy line-weights that’ve become my trademark (the teacher REALLY liked the ink samples I showed, said they looked really fluidic and exciting…which is kinda what I was going for XD ). So yeah, even though it’s kinda hard so far, I’m really enjoying the class.

So yes, once again, sorry for the delay with..everything. Getting back into the school groove’s been kinda rough–especially since I’m not really used to having the late classes ^^;; So yes, if I miss an update here and there, don’t be too mad at me as I really love doing the comic and try to update as much as I can, when I can, though school will help me get to a point where I can do this full time =3

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