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No words


Today’s filler is the script for what was supposed to be today’s comic. Basically, our teacher made us do final ink studies of all 8 4″x4″ icons, giving us only wednesday/thursday to do them…since I tend to take pride in my inkwork and really want these to go over well so I can use them for the finals, it took me about 8 hours to do all of them. Since Wednesday is one of those weird late days where I don’t get home ’til 7, I wasn’t really able to do much except get them all laid out in pencil. So yesterday, I worked for about 6 hours straight trying to get the rest of them done, and they look really awesome. Unfortunately, I had to saccrifice today’s page in order to do it. However, the page is pencilled, so I’m hoping it’ll either be up tomorrow evening or saturday. I’ll keep you guys posted on the details.

Also, I’m really sorry about forgetting to scan in the incentive for yesterday. It’s up today, so you can see the pre-rendered pencils for the project I’m working my ass off on (today it’s Morrigan, and will move on to 7 other Darkstalkers characters).

Also, Mr. Canada-man (I know you have a name, but I really enjoy calling you that anyway ;x ), I’ll probably mail out your package on Saturday. Also being mailed out is the marker commission I did, and I swear that I’ll get started on the other commission I have due (you know who you are) tomorrow if I have time or saturday/sunday at the latest.

It’s kinda weird getting back into the habbit of doing pages extra early instead of the day before they’re due x.x


Can’t believe he taped it…

My idiot friends.

The conversation was about American Godzilla vs. Japanese Godzilla…put in that context, it’s not quite so weird….or maybe not. In any case, yes, that’s me with the Sbarro’s coke XD

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