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Vote incentives ARE still up, more to be added tomorrow (though there’s still an incentive for tomorrow!), so keep voting please. I slipped up on saturday’s incentive, next thing I know we’re down 4 spots x.x In any case, vote incentives are there, and I’m doing my best to keep up with them. After tomorrow’s comic I’ll upload drawings of the Darkstalkers project I’m working on for class. They’re pretty sweet ^^

School is hard as always, the late days are really rough, and I really want a cookie. Badly.



Man I suck at coming up with titles x.x

First and foremost, the ebay stuff is being mailed…today. So hopefully you guys’ll get it with the week or next week. Except for Mr. Canada man, as you need to email me your address/payment. Don’t worry though, it’ll be sent out as soon as I get the info!

Also, one person’s already figured this out (and your order will also be sent out today), that the Mystic Revolution Store has been up for like, 2 weeks. I meant to make an announcement sooner, but then I got caught up in the ebay thing, so I haven’t had a chance. In any case, this is nice for you International guys who, unless you have access to a decent amount of disposable income, can’t attend the conventions here in the US (as lord knows I won’t be flying out to the UK anytime soon x.x ). So yeah, basically most of the stuff I sell at the cons is there, except for the prints which I’m planning to put up soon. The posters there ARE the first and only printing I’m going to do of them, so once they’re gone they’re gone (as they still have the keenspace address on them and my coloring’s gotten loads better x.x), so I guess they’re technically “limited edition” or whatever. Once I get rid of them I’ll make a newer, keener, groovier looking poster (probably a ginormous cast photo), for everyone to enjoy. So yeah, take a gander, and look to this box to read about any additions or whatever.

…Which reminds me, Skowl! I know you’re out there! Respond to that email I sent you! I wanna make some t-shirts! =D

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