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New wallpaper!

New wallpaper for the month! Theme: Gothgrrl not Greys…after the AFI song. Because it’s been in my head ALL DAY. Curse you AFI for being so damn catchy! In any case, fiddled around with the coloring on this one, think it looks kinda snazzy. Decided to doll up our fave gothy kitty girl, in almost an ’80s style Madonna gear–crosses, lace, fishnet–the whole shebang. Pretty happy with how it turned out. So yeah, same as always, donate $1 or more and I’ll send you a wallpaper. Donate $10 or more and I mail you a vote incentive sketch–your choice of character. Makes for good times.

Ebay people, I’ll probably send out your stuff either on friday or this weekend, as Tuesday/Wednesday are my long days (i.e. I have classes from 8:30 am til 5pm, with 1 1/2 commute both ways…) and I’m kinda exhausted…even though I know eventually I’ll get used to it. So yes, fear not, for I will get everything sorted out and figured out, including shipping to Canada (don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten you!).



Thank you SO MUCH to the people who’ve supported me and helped me out through the auctions and donations. You guys are truly amazing people, and it’s an honor to share my work with all of you every other day. Seriously, I was totally blown away by the generosity shown, and really happy to know that I have so many awesome and amazing readers. Thank you guys =)

That being said, I’ve gotten some pretty positive feedback over the color comic thing. Gonna try to fiddle with it some more over the weekend, and hopefully I’ll be able to figure out some shortcuts to get it done faster.

Once again, to reiterate, vote incentives are back and happy, so please vote every day if you can =3

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