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First of all, the links to the auctions! 4 days left!

Lourdes Meditating on a cliff

L33t_Ninj4 surrounded by enemies

A punk rock Gothgrrl

Nadeira and the Cherry Blossom Tree

Second, I’m totally blown away by the response to the Gothgrrl drawing! Makes me wonder if I should start drawing more of her in sexy punk outfits XD Don’t forget the other 3 drawings though, all of ‘em are signed n’ sexy. Also, since I’m so surprised by how well this is going, I’m going to make sure to write a nice little thank-you note to send with the drawing when I ship them out ^^

This is kinda my first Ebay experience and all, and I never realized how exciting it was! It’s kinda cool to watch the bids go up, and I know for every dollar I do a little “squee” for joy. It’s also incrediably flattering to see people trying to outbid the others for a piece of my art. Alex Ross, eat your heart out.

Lastly, I start school on Tuesday. I’m kinda nervous because instead of being in the same Illustration and Life Drawing 2 classes as the bulk of my friends who’re majoring in Illustration are taking, I have the 2 newbie teachers who nobody knows with no one I know in my class x.x

I’m also kinda sad that one of the more talented girls in our year decided to drop out and go to business school. It’s really depressing when someone like that leaves, because this girl could’ve been in our school’s top 13 students by her graduating year. Her style was impeccable, her technique flawless, and yet…..business school. She’s a smart kid, and I know she’ll do well in whatever she goes into, but it still makes me sad to see talent like hers waste a way.

But hey, less competition for me I guess..even though I can’t really see myself doing fine art and oil paintings and all that shit x.x

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